KAMO Culture

“We’ll blend right into your business so you can stand out.” We are made up of a team of go-getters who stop at nothing less than the visions we put out. We don’t work on the clock, we work around the clock, and we intend to reach all the goals we set out – to get you and your business results. Our mantra is built on the foundation of outworking others – this comes naturally from our background as former Division-I college basketball players. We analyze and reanalyze.
“We’ll blend right into your business so you can stand out.” Data-Driven: We use an advanced system that tracks and retains data points of your potential and current customers through their entire process.
Affordable and Results-Oriented: Our price structures are less than 50% than that of our major competitors. Why so low? It’s because we are based on driving results, not profit margins. Our low overhead allows us to work with the right businesses at reasonable rates.

International Background: Our experience and training spans through tens of thousands of miles across the globe. This brings together a variety of perspectives and talents, allowing us to tackle any problem with a strong foundation.
Personable: We don’t just work with anyone. We ensure that we are a good fit with your business before we decide to begin our partnership. We treat our client’s businesses as if it was our very own. This allows us to focus on a set number of clients that we can delegate all of our resources, instead of trying to onboard as many clients as we possibly can.
Independent: We work independently and are not affiliated with one of the “Big 5” marketing that control the majority of agencies in the world. This gives huge advantages. Apart from being fun (and perhaps a little bit bold), being independent means we’re able to be flexible, and it means we are able to curate our own culture. It means you can count on a digital marketing agency run by digital marketers, and just like you, it means we have to earn our stripes every day.